CONNECTIS_ is a new technology company rendering outsourcing services of IT specialists, project teams and IT processes.

CONNECTIS_ combines exceptional experience, comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the competences of the specialists with the clients in order to help the latter to streamline IT projects and to increase the business process efficiency. The company broadly cooperates with the financial, IT and telecommunications industry leaders from all over Europe. Each day Connectis_ supports them with over 200 specialists in strategic IT projects.

CONNECTIS_ aims to connect_

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Building long-lasting partnerships is central to the open nature of our foundation and the belief that only joint efforts can bring about substantial and measurable results. We are constantly broadening the set of affiliated organizations, and we cherish their knowledge and support in fulfilling our Mission.

Our Partners are entities who share our efforts to improve the quality of education among young individuals of Polish origins. We welcome collaboration with institutions such as universities and alumni organizations, student societies and university clubs, conferences, business, cultural and educational organizations and remarkable individuals who believe in our Mission.

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BAS The Kings Foundation

The British Alumni Society

The British Alumni Society was established in 1999 under the auspices of the British Council and the British Embassy in Warsaw, to provide a forum for graduates of scholarship schemes offered by those two institutions. Today with 550 members (both Poles and British nationals residing in Poland, who have studied or participated in other educational […]


AIESEC is present in over 120 countries with over 100 000 members – ambition and talented youth. AIESEC is the biggest organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. Since over 65 years AIESEC has offered to young people international experience through internship […]

Polski Ośrodek Naukowy UJ w Londynie

The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre in London was established in 2011, with the most important goal to popularise the study of Poland in the UK and support the work and achievements of both Polish academics and researchers living in the UK, and of British scholars who conduct research concerning Poland. The Centre also run […]

Oxford University Polish Society

The Oxford University Polish Society is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious Polish student societies in the UK. First established in 1955, today it consists of more than a hundred active members involved in the society’s regular activities – lectures, talks, social gatherings, cultural events and celebrations of national holidays.
Nauka Za Granicą

Nauka Za Granicą opens the door to education at the best universities in the UK and USA by delivering first-hand accounts from Polish students at Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. Detailed guides  will help you navigate the application processes for both undergraduate and (post)graduate studies and personal stories will demystify many aspects of life and work at the […]
Polish Society at Yale

Polish Society at Yale

The Polish Students’s Society at Yale is an organization uniting all Polish people associated with Yale university as well as promoting Polish culture among all community members at Yale. We aim to celebrate Polish heritage of both Polish students studying abroad in the United States as well as those with Polish-American background. We welcome all […]

Cambridge University Polish Society

The Cambridge University Polish Society brings together Polish students and persons interested in Poland, studying at the University of Cambridge. CamPolSoc has been active in different forms for the past 20 years, the latest came into existence in 2008.
Edinburgh PolSoc

Edinburgh University Polish Society

The University of Edinburgh Polish Society was established in 2010 and since then it works actively spreading Polish culture and tradition among the students of different origins. Through all kinds of events – from celebrating national holidays and inviting guest speakers to cooking events or theme parties, we are promoting our country and showing how […]
UCL Polish Society

UCL Polish Society

UCLU Polish Society is the gateway to Polish culture, politics, history and language to anyone studying at University College London. Established in 2006, our organization is a vibrant, socially and culturally active community that aims to bring together all UCL students, who share a passion for Polish culture, history, cuisine, language or any other topic […]