How it works

We designed The Kings Foundation based on a simple belief: every success story, whether it is creating a school theater with your friends or building a multinational company, can be brought down to three basic steps:

    1.   you find out what you want to do and gather information about how to do it

    2.   you find people who can help you achieve your goal

    3.   you do your absolute best to succeed

Following the above we offer a three-step package called KINGS: Knowledgeable Insights, No Gimmicks. Knowledgeable Insights are all the information you need to have  to choose the best university for yourself. Then, we connect you with people who share with you their experiences and help you get an offer and hopefully a place. No Gimmicks? We empower you with methods that really work – no useless tricks. Find the one that is best if the field that you are interested in!

Step One

Browse the list of the universities in TKF network and find the one that suits your ambitions. Take time to understand the profile of the universities and make sure the ones you choose are exactly those which will fit you best. Try to understand the difference between what our partners offer and remember that being at the top of an higher education ranging does not mean that the university is the best in all the fields it works in.

Step Two

After choosing the university you are interested in, switch to the page with TKF Ambassadors – students and alumni of the previously listed universities. Find Ambassadors from the university of your choice and check whether there is someone in particular that you would like to talk to. Click the “Contact” button under any of the Ambassadors from this university. The button takes you to a university-specific form. Please fill out the form. If you want to talk to a specific Ambassador, indicate the name of Ambassadors and we will do our best to assign him to you. The form goes to the Principal Ambassador at the university you chose. The principal Ambassador is your initial point of contact at the university.

Step Three

After learning about your background and goals the Principal Ambassador connects you with the most suited Ambassador in Residence and/or Alumni Ambassador, who you will work with on a daily basis regarding your application and potential studies. She or he will help you through the whole process including potential interviews. At this point you will hopefully we ready to get a place at yout Univeristy of choice and when  that happens, we would be happy to hear your story and join us in our efforts!