The Kings Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in order to open the world of top education to future leaders of Polish origins. We believe that by investing in the best education today, you create a long-lasting value for a better tomorrow.

The foundation’s mission and long-term goals focus on enriching future leaders in quality knowledge and a valuable network of contacts. We achieve this by helping them pursue their education at the world’s top institutions and linking them to our network of university ambassadors.

The foundation operates by providing information and helping with the University application process, supporting students already attending partnering institutions, establishing mentor schemes and, in the future, funding scholarships. We are there for each and every student who decides to contact us. If she/he is ready to apply for a place at a university of choice, we become mentors and guide the student throughout the process. This includes the application process and interview preparation.

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Board members


A graduate of University of Cambridge and Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris . Public Affairs manager at PAP for clients including Israeli Prime Ministers Office, Council of Europe and the European Commission. (…)

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Julia Przedpełska

Vice President – Ambassadors

Julia kolor

Julia is a multilingual, international graduate with personal and professional passion for education. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh (…)

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Kings Foundation is to empower talented youth with information and support that aims at increasing the number of students of Polish origins at the world’s top universities.

By doing so, the Kings Foundation works actively to contribute to the process of building a new generation of leadership that will foster innovation in business, politics, culture and education in Poland and globally. It is our fundamental belief that bridging youth with top education through results-oriented social support is key in maximizing the participation of Polish talent in building a better reality of the future.

To fulfill its Mission, The Kings Foundation collaborates with education institutions, alumni and business associations, as well as non-profit organizations in Poland and globally. We highly value and rely on the support of our Partners, to bring the best knowledge mentorship and support to talented youth.

The Kings Foundation works towards its Mission by:

1. Increasing the accessibility of the world’s top universities to the talented youth of Polish origins; providing relevant information and peer-support support through the application process enabled though the global network of The Kings Foundation Ambassadors

2. Building partnerships to promote the Kings Foundation’s mission and to maximize the capability of providing support to talented youth

3. Increasing public awareness of the central role of social support in promoting top university education among talented youth of Polish origins

4. Building, together with our Partners and Students, a powerful network of advocates of innovation and social growth globally.